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The Fwoosh

Articulated Icons- The Feudal Series - Deluxe Ninja (Black)

Articulated Icons- The Feudal Series - Deluxe Ninja (Black)

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Product Description

Silent shadows hold unseen danger. Steel whispers the fatal strike. Between breaths, between blinks, the ninja makes his home; a nightmare apparition that means death to those he seeks. In times long past or futures unwritten, these invisible assassins stalk their prey, draped in the stillness of the night, leaving only mystery in their passage

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Multiple points of articulation

Box Contents

  • ninja figure
  • katana and sheath
  • wakazashi and sheath
  • sheath holder
  • kunai x1
  • sai x1
  • kusarigama
  • bo staff
  • naginata
  • bow
  • arrow
  • quiver
  • throwing stars
  • hood up
  • hood down
  • balaclava head
  • zukin head
  • master head
  • devil mask
  • torso strap
  • scarf
  • grip hands
  • fist hands
  • chop hands
  • splayed hands
  • modular rooftop base
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