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Batman: Arkham Knight Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech NR022 Catwoman

Batman: Arkham Knight Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech NR022 Catwoman

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Product Description

A magical charm that can even beguile Batman! She is the silhouette that reverses in the darkness moves flexibly.

From DC, the beauty of the night in Gotham City is coming to Amazing Yamaguchi! Catwoman, a phantom thief who targets the rich and the villain, jumps from building to building with cat-like lightness, and lurks in the darkness.

With this Amazing Yamaguchi action figure, the suit design comes from the hit game Batman: Arkham Knight, but the facial features are arranged with a comic-style coquettish touch. The Yamaguchi method allows not only the whole body to move, but also a wide range of poses without losing proportions. The joints added in the middle of the thighs create a structure that beautifully emphasizes the outline around the waist. In addition to the replacement wrist with sharp claws, there are three types of whips: one that can be attached to the waist and held in both hands, and a wire that can be bent freely. The ferocious side behind the beauty can also be directed with action poses. The collar-shaped bomb recreates the scene where he was imprisoned by the Riddler during the game!

A beautiful ally with Batman, sometimes joining hands to fight evil, but also has a complicated relationship with Bruce Wayne as the bare-faced Selena Kyle. Enjoy plenty of Catwoman's dangerous charms!

The normal face attached to the mask head with cat ears and the replacement face that licks the lips provocatively can change the line of sight by the eyeball movement gimmick. With large eyes arranged in a comic style, the production of the gaze according to the pose is even more effective. The goggles are lowered and a battle face with a rugged expression is also included separately.

Expressing her character as a phantom thief, glittering treasure parts are also included. Kaiyodo have prepared a treasure that can be placed at her feet, a gold necklace that she can hold in her hand, and a wrist with a huge jewel.

Product Features

  • Approx. 6.29 inches tall (16cm)
  • Made of PVC and ABS
  • Based on Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Part of the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech series
  • Highly detailed
  • Fully articulated
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories

Box Contents

  • Catwoman figure
  • 3 Face plates
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • Collar
  • 3 Whips
  • 2 Treasures
  • Jewel
  • Display base
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