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Samurai Shodown Genjuro Kibagami 1/12 Scale Figure

Samurai Shodown Genjuro Kibagami 1/12 Scale Figure

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Product Description

GENJURO KIBAGAMI - This swordsman regards Haohmaru as his sworn enemy. Like Haohmaru, Genjuro trained with Nikochin Kaffein long ago, but he was admonished for his belief that "the sword is a means to kill" and cast out. His swordplay is forceful and so fierce that he's feared to be a "loose blade." 

Product Features

  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • From Samurai Shodown VI
  • Highly detailed
  • Fully articulated

Box Contents

  • Genjuro Kibagami figure
  • 3 Alternate head sculpts
  • 5 Alternate pairs of hands
  • The Famous Sword, Baio-doku
  • Sake cup
  • Lightning Wings
  • Cherry Blossom Slice
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