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Beast Kingdom

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Egg Attack Action EAA-161 Death Trooper

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Egg Attack Action EAA-161 Death Trooper

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Product Description

The special Imperial Stormtrooper elite units use powerful weapons to protect everything on the Death Star. Their black and mysterious armor symbolizes the horror of the Death Star's capability to destroy everything. In addition to the high playability of the Egg Attack Action series, the details of the 6 inch Death Trooper are designed based on the movie Star Wars Story. Its delicate mechanical structure and the helmet's unique green light effect are the true representations of the original. With detachable tactical vest and exclusive blaster pistol and rifle, the model is a complete representation of the mysterious and unique Imperial special force.

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Highly detailed
  • Articulated figure
  • Light-up function
  • Interchangeable hands for creating a variety of poses

Box Contents

  • Death Tropper figure
  • Pauldron
  • Harness
  • Neuro-Saav Macromotion Monitor
  • Blaster pistol
  • Blaster rifle
  • 2 Pairs of alternate hands

Additional Details

Egg Attack Action

The EAA (Egg Attack Action) series of stylized action figures by Beast Kingdom are a range of 6-inch renditions of pop-culture characters.

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