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Transformers: Victory Kuro Kara Kuri Victory Leo

Transformers: Victory Kuro Kara Kuri Victory Leo

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Product Description

After falling victim to Deathsaurus's Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon, Ginrai was left in an immobile state. Wanting to be useful, he insisted on undergoing an experiential procedure that would enable Ginrai to become a power-up to Star Saber. He underwent the process and became Victory Leo! When combined with Star Saber (sold separately), Victory Saber becomes their final form!

This Kuro Kara Kuri figure stands around 6 inches tall and measures a whopping 9 inches long; and with over 120 points of articulation and die-cast metal parts, this super poseable figure can be displayed with ease.

Victory Leo also has LED lighting effects in its eyes and mouth!

Product Features

  • 6.3 x 9.06 inches (16cm x 23cm)
  • Made of diecast, ABS, PA, POM, and PVC
  • Based on the Transformers: Victory anime
  • Part of the Kuro Kara Kuri figure line
  • Over 120 points of articulation
  • Features LED lighting effects in the eyes and mouth
  • Bonus Mini Cannons not included
  • Star Saber not included

Box Contents

  • Victory Leo figure
  • Lion face plate
  • 2 Thigh armor parts
  • 2 Shoulder armor parts
  • 2 Aileron fins
  • 2 Thigh wings
  • 2 Back wings
  • 2 Jumbo Cannons
  • 2 LR621 Cell Batteries
  • Stand
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